George Tomlinson School

The Lime Academy Trust has been put into George Tomlinson Community School in Leytonstone, even though it isn’t an Academy. They are making profound, damaging changes to the  school.

The hard-working Governing Body were put in an impossible position and forced to resign. Since Lime have taken control of the school, there have been unexplained staff changes and disappearances, damaging changes to Special Educational Needs provision, sports coaching, and to Golden Time, which is the foundation of our school’s behaviour policy.

The parents of the school are unhappy with the way these changes are affecting their children, and are campaigning to preserve and stop the continual dismantling of the school.

In 2012 Ofsted found the school to be good with outstanding features. It is in a diverse area of East London. The school is still maintained by the Local Authority.

The petition is calling for the London Borough of Waltham Forest to remove the Lime Academy Trust Partnership from George Tomlinson School and to be replaced by a new Interim head teacher with no links to any Academy or Academy Trust until a permanent head teacher is in place.

Please sign our petition here

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