Flytipping on the corner of Cavendish Drive and Hainault Road

A member of the FOCUS Team alerted the Council to this blatant incident of flytipping against the flank wall of the yard behind the parade of shops known as The Pavement in Hainault Road. It must have been dumped on Friday night or the early hours of Saturday morning.

By Monday morning some of the items had been taken and rubbish and broken glass had appeared.

The FOCUS Team is pleased to report that everything was cleared on Monday afternoon.

FOCUS says: Please don’t dumped unwanted items on the street. Most retailers will dispose of unwanted white goods when you purchase a new unit. The Council on Waltham Forest Direct (020) 8496 3000 can advise about the removal of large items.You can also contact them on the website:

CHILCOT REPORT – Proud of my party for leading the way

Today is a day for reflection, as we consider the consequences of the fateful decision to go to war in Iraq.

Our first thoughts need to be with the families across the world who have grieved loved ones, experienced life-changing injuries, and witnessed destruction and despair often beyond description.

There is no justice that can compensate their loss, and today we have learned from the Chilcot Report what we all knew already in our hearts – it did not have to be this way.

Lib Dems were united in our opposition to war

For many members in my local party, the Iraq war was a genuine turning point.

Many others chose to join the Liberal Democrats when they saw Charles Kennedy step up to the challenge, in difficult times, and provide the strong, principled leadership our country so desperately needed.

In 2003, every Liberal Democrat MP voted AGAINST going to war in Iraq.

It was the right thing to do, and that has been proven again today. Sir John Chilcot’s report has shown that this was a war of choice, that options for a peaceful resolution still existed, and that our Prime Minister wilfully mislead parliament and the British people to march us into a war he had already decided to launch.

I was proud to see our leader Charles Kennedy refuse to compromise, despite enormous pressure and abuse pouring in from all sides, on the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to internationalism and respect for international law.

Charles Kennedy and Lynne Featherstone (Lib Dem MPs at the time) opposing the war

You can see Charles’ speeches below, he was a real example of principled leadership in a time of crisis. It is not just Liberal Democrats who are missing Charles today. Our whole country is all the poorer without him.

Finally, while Chilcot gives us the chance to reflect on past mistakes, we still have a duty to oppose the mistakes that our leaders are making today!

Right now, Britain risks cutting herself off from our most valuable allies and trading partners, putting millions of jobs at risk and doing massive harm to our economy. I’m proud of Tim Farron for showing equal determination and leadership to fight Brexit and put Britain back where we belong, at the heart of an open, tolerant, free, and prosperous Europe.

If you agreed with us in 2003, if you agree with us now in 2016 – it is time to join the party that is proudly and passionately fighting for the better future we all believe in.

P.S. You can see some great videos of Charles Kennedy’s speeches on Iraq in Parliament and at the anti-way rally in Hyde Park here (via Lib Dem Voice)


Parents petition delivered to the Council

20 Jun 2016 — A delegation of pupils from George Tomlinson School delivered our petition to Councillor Grace Williams at Waltham Forest Town Hall this afternoon. We look forward to receiving a response from the Council shortly.
Thank you for your continued support.
Our campaign continues.


George Tomlinson School

The Lime Academy Trust has been put into George Tomlinson Community School in Leytonstone, even though it isn’t an Academy. They are making profound, damaging changes to the  school.

The hard-working Governing Body were put in an impossible position and forced to resign. Since Lime have taken control of the school, there have been unexplained staff changes and disappearances, damaging changes to Special Educational Needs provision, sports coaching, and to Golden Time, which is the foundation of our school’s behaviour policy.

The parents of the school are unhappy with the way these changes are affecting their children, and are campaigning to preserve and stop the continual dismantling of the school.

In 2012 Ofsted found the school to be good with outstanding features. It is in a diverse area of East London. The school is still maintained by the Local Authority.

The petition is calling for the London Borough of Waltham Forest to remove the Lime Academy Trust Partnership from George Tomlinson School and to be replaced by a new Interim head teacher with no links to any Academy or Academy Trust until a permanent head teacher is in place.

Please sign our petition here


Tyres dumped in Cavendish Drive

The FOCUS Team alerted the Council to these tyres dumped during the morning of 1st December.

All residents are reminded that the Council operates a weekly collection of unwanted items, and there is really no reason for the fly-tipping that continues to blight our streets.

For more information please call Waltham Forest Direct on (020) 8496 3000, or visit their website at


Residents gathered outside the Town Hall to protest about road closures in the ‘Mini Holland’ scheme

Residents protest ignored!

The recent protest by over 1,200 residents against the road closures in Walthamstow and Leyton showed that the Council’s Mini Holland plans, including closing local roads, does not have the support of all residents despite the Council saying that they had.

Protesters not against the scheme or cyclists, but against road closures
The protesters went out of their way to say that they were not against the scheme or cyclists, but against the road closures. The Council’s plans have succeeded in causing division and anger across the Borough. The closing of roads has forced vehicles onto the already congested main roads like Lea Bridge, Hoe Street, and Leyton High Road and has resulted in a massive slow down of traffic, increased congestion and increased pollution.

Congestion and pollution bad for all
All of this is detrimental to residents, cyclists, pedestrians and bus users. Focus Team member Bob Sullivan, who was in the Town Hall listening to the Mini Holland debate, was appalled by the Labour Council restricting residents from hearing the debate, as they only allowed 12 protesters in, although the chamber can hold over a hundred. He was shocked by the arrogant, illiberal attitude with which Labour Councillors treated residents’ concerns. They were not prepared to review the Mini Holland plans despite residents’ requests and their own Labour MP’s request.

Council continues to ignore residents
They are, in fact, going to ignore residents and continue to put in similar divisive plans across Leyton, Leytonstone and Chingford!


Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Candidate for the next Mayor of London

The attached Press Release issued by The Barking – Gospel Oak Line User Group gives welcome news that that electrification is going ahead, allbeit not very quickly.

This has long been championed by London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, who is now the Liberal Democrat Candidate to be the next Mayor of London.

You can read the Press Release here: Barking-Gospel Oak Line Press Release