Christmas service changes

The Council has advised that refuse/recycling collections will be one day later than usual for the week after Christmas.

Regular scheduled collection day Changed collection day
Monday 26 December Tuesday 27 December
Tuesday 27 December Wednesday 28 December
Wednesday 28 December Thursday 29 December
Thursday 29 December Friday 30 December
Friday 30 December Saturday 31 December


Flytipping on the corner of Cavendish Drive and Hainault Road

A member of the FOCUS Team alerted the Council to this blatant incident of flytipping against the flank wall of the yard behind the parade of shops known as The Pavement in Hainault Road. It must have been dumped on Friday night or the early hours of Saturday morning.

By Monday morning some of the items had been taken and rubbish and broken glass had appeared.

The FOCUS Team is pleased to report that everything was cleared on Monday afternoon.

FOCUS says: Please don’t dumped unwanted items on the street. Most retailers will dispose of unwanted white goods when you purchase a new unit. The Council on Waltham Forest Direct (020) 8496 3000 can advise about the removal of large items.You can also contact them on the website: www.walthamforest.gov.uk.


Tyres dumped in Cavendish Drive

The FOCUS Team alerted the Council to these tyres dumped during the morning of 1st December.

All residents are reminded that the Council operates a weekly collection of unwanted items, and there is really no reason for the fly-tipping that continues to blight our streets.

For more information please call Waltham Forest Direct on (020) 8496 3000, or visit their website at www.walthamforest.gov.uk.


Sofa dumped on the pavement

The FOCUS Team came across this sofa dumped on the pavement in Kirkdale Road, next to the recycling bins.

An assortment of stuff had also been dumped next to one of the bins.

The FOCUS Team has alerted the Council requesting removal.

Please do not dumped rubbish in the street, or public open spaces.

Residents are reminded that the Council operates a weekly collection of large unwanted items. Simply call Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000 for advice and to book a collection.