Waltham Forest’s Labour run Council has voted to give the Chief Executive of the Council a whopping inflation busting pay rise of £15,000 – an 8% increase. This makes his salary £195,000! Even the Prime Minister only gets £142,000.

Labour councillors said it was reward for overseeing council cuts.

Given that the cuts were a loss of 1,000 jobs plus salary cuts to the rest of the council staff should this have been rewarded?

On top of that, Labour councillors voted to give the redundant deputy chief executive a massive £140,000 pay off.

You can be assured that the staff who lost their jobs did not receive any golden pay offs.

Can you believe the way this Labour Council spends your money. Last year they increased the Deputy leader’s pay by 25%.

The Liberal Democrats will keep on reporting the arrogant and wasteful ways that this Council spends your money.

Your Money Down The Drain


PLANNING NEWS – 672 High Road Leytonstone


672 High Road Leytonstone

Planning Application No. 2014/1414 – 672 High Road Leytonstone

This application proposed a change of use from storage to a restaurant and cafe with a first floor extension. It was refused by the council’s planning officers.

Full details of the reasons may be seen on the Planning Explorer on the council’s website by quoting the application number

PLANNING NEWS – Crosby House, 2A Carlton Road

Planning Application number 2014/1077 – CROSBY HOUSE, 2A Carlton Road

An application was lodge to the following conditions of the original planning approval (2009/0762):

  • CONDITION 3 – increase opening hours to 09.00 to 23.00 Monday to Saturday and 09.00 to 22.00 on Sundays and Bank holidays
  • CONDITION 6 – remove limit on numbers attending
  • COMDITION 7 – remove restriction of use by young persons only, to allow use by all age groups.

This application was refused with informatives. Further details may be found under the council’s planning explorer quoting application number 2014/1077.



Church Lane Car Park, showing the new bollards at the entrance

Following yet another incident involving the height restriction barrier, at the entrance to the Church Lane Car Park, the council has replaced it with width restriction bollards to prevent the car park being used by large commercial vehicles.


Stump of a tree, possibly as a result of being hit by a vehicle

The FOCUS Team alerted the Tree Officer to this damaged tree in Vernon Road, near the junction with High Road Leytonstone, as it could be a hazard to an unwary pedestrian.

It should be removed swiftly.

STOP PRESS – has been made safe pending final removal of the stump.


620 High Road Leytonstone – site of proposed betting office

After the successful protests against the betting shop in Church Lane, the Liberal Democrats are concerned that yet another planning application has been lodged for a branch of Paddy Power in High Road Leytonstone. The Shopping Centre is already inundated with betting shops – surely there is no demand for another.

Paddy Power Bookmakers have lodged an application to open a branch at 620 High Road Leytonstone.

Residents can find details of the application from the Council website by quoting planning application 2014/0996, which covers change of use from category A1 (retail) to A2 (betting office). in the Planning Explorer.

Other application cover:

  • Illuminated fascia and projecting sign – 2014.09967/ADV
  • New shopfront – 2014/0998
  • Two wall-mounted air conditioning units, two satellite dishes at 1st floor level and a TV aerial- 2014/1003

Comments on this application should be sent to:

Planning Applications – Development Management
London Borough of Waltham Forest
Sycamore House,
Forest Road
E17 4SU
020 8496 3000
[email protected]

UPDATE: The FOCUS Team has heard that the Bushwood area residents have started a petition, and wish them every success.


‘The Pavement’ parade of shops in Hainault Road

Farooq Qureshi and John Howard are pleased that the Council has erected a line of bollards to stop vehicles driving across the pavement to park outside the parade of shops in Hainault Road (see picture above).
Lib Dem members Farooq and John had for over a year taken up residents concerns about the danger to pedestrians when vehicles were being driven across the pavement. They and residents are pleased that at last the Council has done something about it.